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Over the years we have worked with many different athletes and peak performance individuals. Through this work, we've had to push deeper, testing and experimenting with innovative fabrics outside of traditional tailoring components.

Our recent work with the Maple Leafs Frederick Andersen is a testament to this. Together, we've worked to develop a complete wardrobe, one that matches a high performance lifestyle. A lifestyle where everything needs to work: fit, fabrics and versatility. The three components that make up lifestyle tailoring.

The goal is always to bring together pieces cohesively, a complete look, that enhance your day to day.
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The suiting specialist responsible for the Harvey Specter’s wardrobe on Suits is revolutionizing the classic 3 piece suit with their new combination Action Suit and Bomber Track Jacket.
The tailored jogger is becoming a fast favourite among his clients... professional athleisure was quickly picked up by athletes, artists, actors and entrepreneurs.
The fact that Garrison dresses Harvey Specter (Suits), Drake and half the NHL & NBA is reason enough for me to buy. But with their made to order process, I can eliminate tons of product waste!


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